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KOMASK 4D PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP Twilight, contrast, shade and timeless rainbow colors. A new generation of Make-up consisting of highly pigmented UA. UV. Super cover foundation with multiple shades-unique formula of anti-shade effect concealer with anti-light reflection, face lifting water based – Full cover cake Make-up foundation with luminous effects. The New kOmask Make-up trend of mineral natural formula with micro-shimmer powder, Oil free matt powder-Soft & silky loose powder. The new kOmask colorful Make-up with long lasting eye shadow resistance, Eye Dust, Super Silky eye shadow, Dazzling eye shadow, new designed color combination of eye shadow and high intensive colors with 18 karats glitter glow eye shadow. The new rainbows of colors with nourishing formula to moisturize and protect the lips. kOmask, the new generation of sophisticated make-up is designed for trendy and fashionable woman with a dreamy spirit. kOmask vision is to satisfy the need of each and every bride to reach the goal for an extra every day beauty. “As it is” loved” as it is “and used as it is “in the photo studio, on stage and television for its ability to resist high temperature and light intensity, heat, cold, humidity even the swimming pools, under water to remain “as it is” all this and more… KOMASK.

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