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Wilton Cake Decoration

Wilton Cake Decoration
The Wilton story begin in 1929 with one man's passion and talent for making confectionery art and resulted in a method of dessert decorating that today has made cake decorating and confectionery art available to everyone not just for professional bakers and chefs. Wilton is the world’s leading cake decoration and baking crafting company. The Wilton Method is a program which teaches both beginners and experienced cake decorators everything they need to know about cake decoration. Wilton also offers one-day workshops for cupcake and cookie decorating open to both children and adults. The first Wilton store and classroom in the Middle East opened in Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai, UAE in 2014. Now we welcome you the first Wilton Store in Sharjah, Sahara Centre, basement level. Wilton. We Make it Easy... You Make it Amazing.

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