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Shawarmanji, the Home of the 'Original Shawarma' offers mounth-watering shawarma sandwiches. Shawarmanji was conceived in 2012 to redefine shawarma being the region’s original casual dining experience. The company set out to elevate the humble street food by incorporating international standards of cuisine in its food preparation, cooking and serving. Shawarmanji’s introduction of quality standards to the shawarma concept has resulted in the company providing an array of dishes designed to cater to all tastes. Its extensive menu includes chicken and beef meals, veggie options, combo meals, platters with rice, shakers, side servings, drinks and kids’ favourites, all served in store or delivered at home. Shawarmanji is currently working on developing its menu by adding breakfast and some new items, based on their customers’ feedback. Shawarmanji’s commitment to ensuring an optimum product incorporates premium initiatives that include using only the very best ingredients, removing most of the fat and employing nutrition and health experts to oversee food preparation. This uncompromising approach has garnered the brand a host of loyal patrons, resulting in it growing rapidly since its arrival in the UAE from Lebanon less than three years ago. The company is now registered in 50 countries worldwide, has grown from one to eight stores in Lebanon and operates eight stores in the UAE.

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